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Home Time for Kansas Drivers

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to check out where you live and how often our operations team can get you home!

For Quick Reference: Our Schedules are based on: 6 days out = 1 Day at home.

Kansas City Metro Area Drivers:

6 - 12 Days out at a time. You can sometimes sneak in a reset at home a little earlier if you are willing to commute from Omaha, but the choice is yours!

Wichita Metro Area Drivers:

10 - 14 Days out at a time.

Topeka Area Drivers

12 - 18 Days out at a time.

Lawrence Area Drivers:

12 - 18 Days out at a time.

Salina Area Drivers:

2 - 3 Weeks Out at a time.

Emporia Area Drivers:

12 - 18 Days out at a time.

Western Kansas Drivers:

Currently, we don't have much Kansas freight west of I-35, but if you're truly interested in being a member of the GO Express team, we could always use a few of the real, old-school, long haul truckers. If you live in the truck full time, we can make it work.

This is "True OTR", 4 - 8 Weeks Out at a time

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