Our Equipment

We'll Never Cut Corners Here

As former drivers ourselves, we know how important having well-maintained equipment is. That is why you'll never sit in an old, dirty, beat up truck being held together with duct tape and prayers here at Greater Omaha Express. 

All of our trucks & trailers are always under warranty.

We don't wait to make repairs - you'll always be driving a safe, legal truck; pulling a safe, legal trailer.

Our Fleet is 100% Freightliner Cascadias.

80% are 2019 or Newer. 

All trucks have: Refrigerators, Diesel APUs, Upgraded Power Inverters, Double Bunks, & Bunk Heaters

Trucks are governed at 70 MPH.

Regional/OTR Trailers are always new or well-maintained late model, quiet running reefers. 


2019 & 2020 Freightliner Cascadias

•Diesel APUs


•Power Inverters

•Dash Cams (NO Driver Cams!)

•Double Bunks

•Governed at 70 MPH



Never worry about DOT inspections and your trailer again!  Our well maintained trailers are cycled out every few years, so you're not worried about break-downs or Smokey giving you a hard time.


Meet Mike D. & The Shop Team

Mike is our Maintenance Director. He and his team make sure your truck and trailer are always road worthy. You'll soon find out why they are some of the most popular people in the #GOEFamily! 

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